Friday, July 08, 2005

24 Years Profile

Since I am now on my 24th year of my life, I think it's high time for me to make a personal profile about what I've gone through; Exciting!

1. Birthdate: 7:07 PM, July 7, 1981
2. Baptism: Im not sure, August 8 or 9, 1981
3. First Communion: Grade Six
4. First Masturbation: Grade Two
5. Circumcised when: Grade Four at Neopolitan Clinic in Lagro
6. First kiss: Grade Five, with a boy name Alvin (yucky)
7. First Sex: With a man, First Year HS, with a girl, I am still a virgin(more yuck!)
8. Total men I had sex with; More than 15...Im not sure! Should I include service sexcapades?
9. Length of my Penis; 6 inches lang!
10. Boyfriends I had; 3 serious, 2 flings
11. Girlfriend; 1, quiet! (it's a fact)
12. Rounds survival; Up to 3 only
13. Accomplishments; HDPP job, 1.2 hec farmland, A degree in POL SCI (chos! Thesis na lang!)
14. Priced Possesions; P900 sony ericsson phone, 1.2 hec farmland, my echolac pouch, LV stuff , my 20th century french perfumes(in vials), 1930's vintage stamps from Portugal and my HSBC blue mug!
15. Trips abroad; HK, Sing(Sentosa) and KL
16. Local Trips; NCR, Baguio, Tarlac, Pangasinan, La Union, Abra, Laoag, Vigan, Cebu, Palo, Leyte, Surigao, CDO, Camiguin, Dumaguete, Davao, Gen San, Zambo City, Pagadian, Ipil, Tangub, Bohol, Iligan
17. Best Hotel; Nothing can compares with Shangrila Mactan Island
18. Exotic food tasted; Frog(adobo), Kuhol
19. Extreme sports played; In line skates and wall climbing
20. Famous celebs' concerts attended; Mariah Carey's Manila concert, Incubus...Avril's concert, I missed it!
21. Savings; 5 digits
22. Lovelife; Single, but I'm happy!
23. FUBU; Nada!
24. Contented; Carry lang!

The 24th

It was 7 O 7 in the evening of the 7th day of the 7th month, 24 years ago when a near-to-malnourished baby fag came in to this very earthly world. Marita, my mom, was in to near death experience when she delivered me! I really thank my mom for conceiving me, and eventually tolerated all my sinful faggy acts. Nothing new actually when I celebrated it last night. Hello, it was thursday and all of my friends were busy with their own stuff! But I'm planning to celebrate it this coming saturday! All of my friends, I mean closest friends, greeted me! Even my alluring friend hender who has a heart of a stone txt and emailed me a greeting! Ice gave me a Pringles original as his birthday gift and flashed my name to our flatscreen monitor. He was the first person actually who greeted me officially on the day of my birthday with the record set of 12:01 a.m! My sister called me around 8 a.m and greeted me! She asked me how I am and I told her Im happy now! Then after a minute, a mi mama called. We were so happy exchanging our whereabouts. She asked me what would be my handa? Then I said to her Im broke and granting I have money to spend, nobody will cook for me! But honestly onset of the day, my friend mommy Tina offered to cook for me and hold my party at their place with the rest of team wawee. But I refused to because Im short of budget and It's kinda dyahe to her family specially to daddy Allan. Then my mama told me she will give me 2 gran from my mommy bebs,who called at me a minute ago, and another gran from her! I refused to get the gran from her own pocket, I just took mommy bebs' present!
Today, I went to glorietta and bought polos as a birthday present for myself! I dont know for any reason that I love the color pink today! Im not taking any hormonal pills, just like mommy hender, but I guess my estrogen level is high! Anything floral in a pink hue brings peace and calmness to me!Hahahaha, Im having a nostalgia here!
Oh by the way I would like to thank my very dear friend Xerxell, who has a car now, Joan and @^#* for greeting me! And to all unknown numbers who greeted me on mah phone and to my friendster account!
I apologize to all my friends that I was'nt able to mention here because of my short term memory and your names are not on my phonebook, but from the deepest part of my pink heart, I thank you all!

Monday, July 04, 2005


Hay! Whats happening to our country?(Ang taray ng opening) Due to the fact that I am a nocturnal animal, I work during night, I wasnt able to update myself to the reality that is happening to my mother Philippines lately! I know for a fact that Madam President apologized to the Filipino mobs a week ago but I am not aware that it already resulted chaos to my beloved fellow garapals!

It's not timely to make this idea but I would love to grade PGMA base on the QA sheet of my team leader. This is how we agents are being graded! And I always got a zero mark every month from a series of QA's; I know this might offend some people but the hell I care to all of you. I just wanted to lighten the inspiteful atmosphere! (beh!);

I just selected entries that if you will fail on that entry will automatically give you a zero score; Sounds exciting, right?

1.PGMA was prepared to service the people;
(CSR was prepared to service the call)

N/A___ YES_X_ NO___

In fairness to her, she was prepared. But, I guess only for few and selected individuals! So its high time for her to step down and continue her laundry.

2.PGMA completed Electoral steps accurately;
(CSR completed verification steps accurately)

N/A___ YES_X_ NO___

Again she completed it but the steps was actually authored by no less then PGMA herself, hahaha! (Abalos, puppet!)

3.PGMA addressed the reason(s) for the people's call;
(CSR addressed the reason(s) for the customer's call)

N/A___ YES_X_ NO___

Ofcourse! Kaya nga, PGMA is again popular for her quote "IM SORRY, noh!" The mobs were clamoring for her to admit it that she was the one on the tape! And she professed it was her!

4.PGMA adhered to all applicable policies and procedures;
(CSR adhered to all applicable policies and procedures)

N/A___ YES_X_ NO___

Another big yes again to ate glo! Ofcourse "La Presidenta" as called by Max Soliven, adhered to all laws of the state according to all her alipores, including Abalos! She followed the procedures of the rules of dagdag bawas, ballot switching, ghost voting and ofcourse vote buying. I received 300 Php last election, from her party! WHEEE!

5.PGMA adhered to Sales Compliance Policy;
(CSR adhered to Sales Compliance Policy)

N/A___ YES_X_ NO___

Another check for Pandak! She is actually selling herself to the mobs and she thought appearing to the public through a national television will be effective for the mobs to empathize for her, hahaha! sorry noh! But I guess it added more insult to injury, hungry and horny!

6.Lastly, this is my favorite, PGMA was professional and courteous;
(CSR was professional and courteous)

N/A___ YES_X_ NO___

She apologized because she made a mistake, it was under work ethics so she was a professional in that sense! She looks so sincere and very regretful when she did that and that falls for being courteous, I guess! Hahahaha, But I would like to advise ate glo to undergo a workshop to polish her acting skill, it not quite overwhelming. Bear in your mind ate glo that your "addictus twin sister" ate guy is an icon in our very malicious acting industry. And..and..and another and, put this to your priority list, that your newest archenemy, "Ate Inday", is the Queen of Philippine Palengkes, I mean Philippine Cinema! The wife of the late Panday! The former rival of equally "mataray and matapobre sa katulong", Amalia!

So with this, If we are are going to sum up, she passed the QA! In fairness!

It's up to you my dear readers if you will agree or not on to this, but one thing I am sure of, "that I am beautiful, NOT ONLY ONCE, BUT TWICE! AT SA MGA KAAWAY KO HINDI KO MATATANGGAP ANG INYONG SORRY! DAHIL KAPATID NG MAGANDA ANG MATARAY! CHE!"

Quiet Room Isnt really that quiet!

If you are familiar with the office settings of some call centers, these companies have their own quiet room where agents, sometimes managers, can take a power nap or sleep the whole day as they want.
Here at HDPP, our quiet room isnt that quiet as it suppose to! a sign in the wall that says, "This QUIET ROOM is a place to relax. Let us maintain the tranquil atmosphere." In this room also is where you can take a seat and navigate the net bcoz there are PCs placed in here that has a connection to the internet! So you will observe how noisy those hard-clicker fingers from some agents plus their chit chats and the snoring from the obese gents as a background drop to the scene of the quiet room! I dont care! I dont give a damn. It's their own business.

I guess Im one of the few agents who comes in the office very early! My shift is the earliest time for the night shift! Come 5 PM im here already! Preparing my station, washing my stinking mug filled with spoiled iced tea and doing some stuff!

Today, I stepped in the empty quiet room around 5:10 and sat in front of the PC. Then I realized that Im here alone and free to do whatever I want! Then something hit inside my head, a very loud sound, screaming! YOU ARE ALONE! My God, I guess Im starting to go crazy! The feeling that I felt in our apartment is the same feeling that Im having right now! Shit! talaga! Im now certain that our Quiet room isnt that quiet!

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Im back and Im loaded

After months of hibernation, Im here again in our lighthouse. It's been awhile since the last time that Im here. I am now again on the mood to write something about my life!
I just recently moved out to our place and quite excited living in with my bestfriend Joy. The idea that I moved out to our home is not acceptable to my ates, and kuya! I have a persona non grata verdict in our home! But ironically, my place now is just a three streets away from our house, tanga di ba?

My Polos and other stuff;

As what I told you guys, Malunggay was so angry to me that she came to the point of telling me through mamu April(bati na kami)that I cannot step again to their home sweet home ever! Im facing now this problem on how can I get my unan, my placenta cream, malong, cellphone charger and most importantly my other clothes!huh!

How Marita and Vicente will react to this?

By the way they are my loving parents, Nah! Well for that question, that I dont know. Surely mader will gently and passionately scold me for this one and fudra will do it otherwise! sigh!
I just have a fear that mama will get worry for me and it will only cause bad for her aching old body. But I still dont have any courage yet to call our mansion there in bxu to explain all these stuff to them. I guess i'll just wait for more weeks for me to do it!

The Prize of being free and independent;

Its basically just, being alone! Its fun at some point! But because of what happened, there is still a guilt factor that bombards me at the back of my head! And I hate to admit Im emotionally disturbed now, I wanna scream, I wanna cry, but I guess that will not help me to move on!

Im really just hoping that someday they will be able to forgive me! Im not sure when and Im not sure how. Time will tell us! Wait a minute, Im sorry but I think I did the right thing. I have a point somehow! I was provoked! And this is me.
I dont care, whatever! I'll just make myself busy and beautiful!